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Finally, technically you are not really increasing the gain of the loop antenna (because the gain (specifically, directionality) of a specific size/frequency of loop antenna is fixed) This recommendation is in essence a method to properly match a half-wave loop to your receiver/transmission line, which I strongly suspect is the culprit in your ... Prof. Girish Kumar - NPTEL Cavity Backed Slot Antenna at 5.8 GHz Slot is cut in the top ground plane. Slot is fed using microstrip line from other side of substrate. Antenna is backed by a metallic cavity for unidirectional coverage d h Cavity Slot Feed Line W Substrate: ε r = 2.55, h = 0.787 mm, tan δ= 0.0015 Axial Ratio and Gain Enhancement of a Circular-Ring Slot ... The asymmetrical rectangular slots, the shifted feedline, and the parasitic patch successfully improved the measured 3 dB ARBW of the antenna by 787.5 MHz or 35.79%. The measured gain of a CSA with left-hand circular polarization (LHCP) was also improved by shifting the feedline and the rectangular slot, achieving a peak gain of 5 dBic. Cavity backed dual slot antenna for gain improvement - Li ... By using dual slot at the cavity edges to substitute a single slot at the cavity center as the radiating element, gain of the cavity backed slot antenna has been improved about 1.7 dB whereas its total size is little reduced.

The Alford Slot antenna, which has been developed for l.3GHz by G3JVL, is an easy means of obtaining an omni- directional radiation pattern with horizontal polarization . The antenna has a gain which depends principally upon its length and is typically 5 to 9 dBi .

SIZE REDUCTION OF LOW FREQUENCY MICRO STRIP PATCH ANTENNAS. SIZE REDUCTION OF LOW FREQUENCY MICRO STRIP PATCH ANTENNAS WITH KOCH FRACTAL SLOTS Sathya.K., M.Tech., CEDT, IISc, Under the guidance of Dr. K.J.Vinoy, Dept of ECE, IISc ABSTRACT The development of communication engineering with integration technology demands size reduction of low frequency antennas as an important design ... Gain enhancement of annular slot antennas - IET Journals ... The effect of different parameters is investigated and methods for gain enhancement are proposed. It is shown that the antenna gain can be increased by adding a dielectric layer, or conducting ring above the slots. An open cavity with additional chokes can also be used to decrease the backlobe level and increase the gain.

A new kind of dual-band and high gain waveguide slot antenna is designed in this paper. By combining a folded plate and a double-layer metal structure with four apertures on its top floor, the proposed antenna has a dual-band characteristic and its gain reaches up to 11.9 dB with only 35 degrees (HPBW) of E-plane at 12.7 GHz and 12.1 dB with 39 degrees at 15.0 GHz.


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The antenna is a spiral slot fed by a CPW. It has good impedance matching but its gain is 0 dBi. ENHANCEMENT OF BANDWIDTH AND GAIN OF A … The aim of the thesis is to design rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with enhanced gain and bandwidth and study the effect of antenna dimensions Length (L), Width (W) and substrate parameters relative 'ielectric constant (εr), substrate thickness (t) on the Radiation parameters of … How to increase antenna gain - Quora Oct 24, 2017 · Answer Wiki. You cannot increase gain in all directions. Highly directional antennas provide high gain in one direction with highly attenuating signals in other directions. It is an axiom of engineering — you never get something for nothing. The good news is that attenuating in some directions while increasing it in others is other just what you want.

By introducing rotated square slot diagonal points in the middle of the strip line, the impedance bandwidth of the proposed wide-slot antenna can be significantly enhanced. In addition, the size of the proposed antenna can be reduced. Moreover, the four L-shaped slots are embedded in the ground to increase the gain of the antenna. With the ...

Use of Slots to Improve Performance of Patch in Terms of Gain and ... Feb 5, 2015 ... Abstract—From last decade, the use of slots is generally associ- ated with widening the bandwidth of the patch antenna. In this letter, a set of ... Increasing the gain of a semicircular slot UWB antenna using an FSS ... In this paper we demonstrate the gain enhancement of a semicircular slot antenna using a multilayer frequency-selective surface (FSS). A theoretical analys. Gain enhancement of a slot antenna with a metamaterial superstrate ... The increased broadside gain for the proposed antenna is 6.42dB more in comparison to that of the reference slot antenna. The overall thickness of the MTM ...