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Guardian Bangle | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia The Guardian Bangle is a recurring armor or accessory in the Final Fantasy series. It usually raises Defense. The Guardian Bangle is exclusive to Lulu. It is a two-slot armor with no abilities, making it ideal for customization.

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final fantasy 10 - What Are the Dominant Weapon/Armor... I'm playing through Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (which should be the same as the FFX International.) I wondered is there an accepted dominant Weapon/Armor configuration? Ribbon Armor Farming Tutorial (Dark Aeon) [FFX HD] -… [ LOOK IN THE COMMENTS FOR OTHER METHODS (^~^) ] A little Final Fantasy X/10 tutorial on how to farm armor with ribbon. Every Dark Aeon has a chance of... Ribbon FFX Is there no way with the PCSX2 English version to get Ribbon in FFX ( Final Fantasy 10 ).It is just I have to make up so many different armor's, and weapons and then remember what area to swap to them. but those playing the pal version just slap a ribbon on, and take up only one spot in a 4 slot... 4-Slot Armor set ups? - FINAL FANTASY X HD - PSNProfiles |…

The 4th slot depends: Auto-Potion and X-Potions are a great combination. Some people use Ribbon. For weapons i'd say: Break damage limit ...

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